Carnival of Comacchio

Masked groups and allegorical boats along the streets and canals of Comacchio! The traditional appointment with the Carnevale sull’Acqua, the colorful event organized by the local associations coordinated by the Girogirotondo Cooperative, also returns in 2019.

The volunteers have been working for months not to disappoint the expectations of many visitors, masked or not, who will crowd the historic center as protagonists of games, animations, musical performances and the parade of boats that will start from the monumental Trepponti. There will obviously be children’s attractions, playgrounds and facilities

inflatables, gadgets, confetti and streamers.

Despite missing a few months and the energies are all concentrated on the Christmas and New Year (HERE you find everything you need to know about it), the ideas on the Carnival on the water are already very clear in that of Comacchio: the appointment with the magnificent costume party is for Sunday, February 24th and for Sunday March 3rd!

As they say in these cases … save the date!