The Room&Breakfast “I due Orfici” is the story of two friends. That’s us: Morris and Fabrizio.
We have known each other since school time and we have often shared travel experiences and, more important in our opinion, an open-minded attitude to life. One day we dreamed of starting an activity together. Morris inherited his grandad’s house, a two-floor building with a lovely back garden bordering an orchard. It was love at the first sight! So begins our story…

Why the name “I due Orfici”?

The name goes back to the mythus of Orpheus, the great lyre player. When his beloved Eurydice was taken to the Underworld because of the envy of Aristeo, he decided to try and face many obstacles to get his love back. He even spoke to the Queen of the Underworld, Persephone who ordered Hermes, the messenger of Gods, to guide Orpheus through the land of dead souls.

Although he did not succeed in saving Eurydice, Orpheus has always been considered a great adventurer and a charming musician.

A good friend once called us “I due Orfici” referring to some funny experiences we had had together. We found that name witty, so from that moment on we have become “I due Orfici”!