Ferrara Buskers Festival 2019

The rhythms and melodies of the world conquer the capital of street music for the first Sunday of the Ferrara Buskers Festival (today 25 August), the 32nd International Festival of Street Musician that will color the city of Este with notes and sounds of the planet until September 1st, except August 26th when the musicians will perform in Cesenatico.

After the opening of the Ferrarese ideal curtain on August 24th and the previews of Mantua and Comacchio, the 20 groups of invited musicians will play “a hat” between the squares and the streets of the historic center from 18 to 24, in a pedestrian area of about 200 thousand square meters. Then, starting at midnight, do not miss the Buskers Nights, in the courtyard of the Estense Castle.

This year the places dedicated to the shows have been expanded, with the aim of a wider cultural redevelopment of urban spaces. The area of ​​the festival was therefore ideally divided into thematic zones, which are integrated with the stations dedicated to the 20 groups of invited musicians (green Tiffany signs) and to the many formations of accredited artists (fuchsia placards) that alternate on the open air stage of the city, in a multisonoro path that viewers can follow as they wish. Piazza Verdi is the venue of the ‘Buskers in FE’ in which the street musicians who formed in Ferrara perform at the Festival, in Piazza Repubblica there is the Children Area, in Piazza Gobetti the Painters and Pitturini, the area dedicated to street art and portraitists, piazza Carbone is dedicated to Magic & Enchantment with esoteric and magic arts professionals, viale Cavour is the space for Big Band Buskers.

On Sunday 25th August, the shows scheduled on the axis between Corso Giovecca and Viale Cavour will be moved partly to the Gardens of Viale Cavour (where the Food Truck area is located) and partly to Piazza Cortevecchia, to allow the road to reopen in concomitance of the Spal football match.

The Estense Castle is the beating heart of the Ferrara Buskers Festival. Here visitors will be able to admire the exhibition dedicated to historical posters and the exhibition of the master violin maker Michele Sangineto who built musical instruments based on drawings by Leonardo da Vinci, who will be interviewed on Sunday 25 by journalist Corrado Magnoni for “Stories of Buskers” , cycle of meetings dedicated to the protagonists of the event and life as a street musician.

On the occasion of the five hundredth anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci, a theme workshop will be held on August 25th and September 1st in the frame of the Estense Castle, conceived by the cultural association Arte.na entitled “Quel genio di Leonardo” with Daniela Morganti : children and their parents can complete an activity book on Leonardo’s genius.

For more info, please visit:https://www.ferrarabuskers.com/it/