Salone Nazionale delle Sagre Enogastronomiche – Misen

Ferrara Fiere presents the new edition of the National Fair of Festivals, where the best Italian food and wine tradition meets the public. a unique event in the country.

Following Pellegrino Artusi, who with “Science in the kitchen and the art of eating well” (1891) gave dignity and was able to enhance the regional culinary traditions of a recently united Italy, the National Fair of Festivals makes the pavilions of Fiera di Ferrara is the elective place where taste, knowledge and good food find a perfect synthesis.

With just one entry ticket, visitors can freely consume the dishes of all the festivals at the Salone and spend the day pleasantly thanks to the many other activities that will mark the program of the event (visible online).
Free parking at the fair and free shuttle service to the station – Fiera – Centro and vice versa

INFORMATION: 345 9152746