Ferrara Buskers Festival 2016 special deals!

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The “Ferrara Buskers Festival” is the most important international event based on music and street art in Italy.
With its beautiful landscape, Ferrara – a World Heritage City on the UNESCO list – offers a 200,000 square meters stage for a thousand artists coming from 35 different nations. Due to those numbers, the “Ferrara Buskers Festival” has become the most impressive world event for street music in Italy, and one of the best known folk festivals in Europe.

The music groups who will take part into the Buskers Festival will be 20, and about 300 will be the credited artists: dancers, clowns, equilibrists, jugglers and many very original performers.

The Buskers Festival is a great event based on music, emotions and fun. Many kind of events will be available for different kinds of people, from kids, to young people, to music fans, to the ones who simply would like to enjoy the feeling of a 9-days long magic.

due orfici buskers


Ferrara – Strade e piazze del centro storico


August from 20th to 28th,  2016


Every day except Sunday: 18.00-24.00.
Sundays 21st  and 28th: 17.00-20.00



Free offer


Associazione Ferrara Buskers Festival Via Mentessi, 4
telefax0532 207048